Starship Congress 2021 takes a giant leap forward. Tomorrow, we Build a Starship. And today? Today, we train the crew.

Sign art: Space starts here. Astronaut Training Center.

Mike Mongo’s Astronaut Job Camp gives today’s students permission to imagine themselves in tomorrow’s jobs in space. (And maybe even to become a Humannaire, one of the world’s first kid astronauts!)

United Launch Alliance and Astronaut Teacher reveal
The HUMANNAIRES Initiative in recognition of student accomplishments on One Year Mark of US Pandemic Quarantine

Heart Wing Star — insignia of the Humannaires

Reframe the pandemic, “Quarantine is space mission training!”

Yuri’s Night celebrates the human exploration of space. Coronavirus pandemic has transformed our earthling homes into our personal spaceships. Get ready to party like an astronaut!

Me and one of my best friends, musician Samuel Hobson aka The Real Joe Con, who I met in MITT. Cultists? Nope. Goofballs? That is affirmative.

Short answer: No. (But it sure was a lot of fun!)

apple floating in low earth orbit aboard international space station

Once upon a time in America-meets-New Space

Saturday, April 13, Kennedy Space Center…it’s the 2019 return of Yuri’s Night Space Coast underneath Space Shuttle Atlantis

Mike Mongo

My name is Mike Mongo and I’m an astronaut teacher! Plus: host, Astronaut Adventures; author, The Astronaut Instruction Manual.

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